About Me

I am an Information Technology Architect for a Fortune 1000 company in Minnesota. I work with business and IT leaders to establish strategy and ensure the success of mission-critical projects. My focus is coordinating complex development efforts of customer-facing solutions.

I am a part of an agile software development team. I work with my colleagues to ensure the timely development of quality code that can be easily maintained and enhanced. I am also a leader in the Enterprise Architecture program at the company. I helped define, create, and promote the EA program, creating the processes and models for Architecture Governance, Standards, and Project Architecture.

Before working in Software Development and Enterprise Architecture, I worked primarily in IT Infrastructure Design and Administration gaining extensive experience in Hardware Virtualization, Enterprise Computing, Storage, and Networking.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from Minnesota State University Mankato and I am currently working on a Master of Science in the Management of Technology from the University of Minnesota.

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