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Google Search Problems created from Error

January 31, 2009 17 comments

Every result from Google search this morning is being marked that “this site may harm your computer”. This error appears to stem from a outage. It is not clear what has caused the outage of, but hopefully they will release news soon.

In 2007, Google partnered with to check for malicious content on the web and alert users. It appears that the implementation of this integration was not tolerant of errors.

Several other sites from Google, including their help sites, are running slow this morning.

Update: As of 9:24AM CST, the error appears to be resolved on Google’s search result, although is still offline.

Update 2: The Google blog gave an explanation of the error. The list of bad URLs that Google imports from accidentally included the “/” URL, which blocked everything. The source of the problem was human error.

As the commenters have noted, the outage of was a denial-of-service from the massive Google hits, although it appears they were still the origination of the error.

Update 3: The Google blog has updated its statement around the cause of the error, clearing of any fault. Google has taken responsibility for adding the “/” URL to the malicious site lists.

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VMWare ESXi Free, Small Businesses Rejoice

July 28, 2008 Comments off

Today, VMWare released its popular ESXi software for free to the public.  The basic software includes all the basics for a fast and stable virtual machine host, including the VMKernel, Symmetrical Multi-processing, and the VMFS File System.

I have long been a proponent of VMWare because of the quality and stability of their software.  I am comfortable enough that I have driven my organization to virtualizing as the standard for all new servers (even production) unless it can be proven otherwise.  It has been a tremendous cost savings for us, spending about 1/8 of the dollars for a virtual infrastructure than our old physical one.

By releasing the core of their software for free, I hope many of you in smaller businesses that may have seen the cost of VMWare as prohibitively expensive will give it a try.  Don’t be scared to virtualize your hardware, its like we all learned in Kindergarten, it’s good to share.

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