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RSS For Portalizing the Enterprise

July 24, 2008 Comments off


Over the past few weeks I have spent a lot of time looking at consumer web technologies and how users are creating and consuming content in portals. Web portals allows users to create pages and assemble content from across the Internet and display the information they want, how they want. What is different between the corporate environment that invests significant amounts to build portals, and consumers than can construct them quickly? RSS.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is the technology that allows me to build a portal with news from across dozens of sites in a matter of minutes. Just about every major website produces an RSS feed, which is a XML expression of the site’s content, that I can transform and consume. Using free Internet sites such as Yahoo Pipes, Feedburner, and NetVibes I can pull together the feeds I want, strip out the information that is relevant to me, and display it in a organized fashion.  Why not model the corporate environment similarly?

I believe that we should focus some of our development resources on enabling our applications and data sources to be “Portal Ready” by producing RSS feeds of their content.  This would allow us to construct only a few, simple portal tools that can consume content from across the environment.  It would reduce our total complexity and effort needed to create new portal environments and communities by using the same portal tools to consume different content, rather than having specialized portlets for each information source.

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